Windows 8: Task manager galore

I’ve installed Windows 8 and I had a couple of reasons for it:

  • I was running Windows Vista (need more reasons?)
  • It was cheap (special price, just for you and everyone else!)
  • I was interested in developing apps in C#

After installing Windows 8 I started hating it immediately as I was installing it before heading to bed and I couldn’t find the Shut down button. Also, it ran really slow on my old computer even though it passed Microsoft´s checklist just fine.
I finally found the shut down button soon enough and the next day I found some better drivers so the computer ran more smoothly. So, now I was gonna take a look around and I found the best thing since Microsoft killed of Clippy; the new Task Manager:

It’s a whole lot better then in previous versions of Windows and it gives you much more information about the current status of your computer and what’s running. It separates the information between desktop software and apps and it even has a “Simple View” if you just want to see what’s running:

This is great and I really like it!

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