Windows 8.1: Setting start-up parameters to a tile

Just a short one today…


I wanted to set a start-up path for one of my live tiles today (power shell prompt) and I didn’t find any properties when I right-clicked on it. However, the problem was fairly simple as you do have the option to open the tile-file location (which should be somewhere in C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu) and there you can edit your short-cut.

In my case it was really easy as I wanted to edit the start-up path which is available as a property for the short cut. 🙂

Remember that you might have to edit the security settings for the Start Menu folder in order to edit the files.

You might ask yourself why you need to do this? I don’t know but it is my firm belief that Microsoft wants you to know that they added a feature where you are the administrator of the system but you haven’t been given right to edit the files in a particular part of the file system of which you are the administrator. However, since you have administrative rights you can give yourself that right thus showing how pointless the entire system is. It’s sort of like bitching with yourself outside your house at three a clock in the morning whether or not you should let yourself in through the door (which you have the key for) or if you should just break a window and crawl in like a burglar.

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