Using Kazam for screencasting

So I needed to record my screen to show our product owner a certain feature suggestion I had. It turned out that in Linux (debian) Kazam is a pretty good screen recording software, if a bit tricky to use.

First, install Kazam (sudo apt-get install kazam), then start it up and you get to choose whether to take a screen shot or record a screencast. In either cases you can select either a screen, a window or an area to record.
Recording the video is simple enough, just click capture. This hides Kazam and to stop recording you have to press the key combination SUPER + CONTROL + F (where SUPER seems to be the windows-key). This will stop the recording and let you either save or discard it.

This is where it gets tricky, though. The recording is saved as an enormous .avi-file, which is less than optimal if you just want to send it to someone. So, in order to convert it I used a tool called avconv (apt-get), and to convert my avi to a mp4 file I ran this command:

avconv -i Screencast\ 2018-05-15\ 13:45:35.avi -c:a copy my-output-file.mp4

Screencast\ 2018-05-15\ 13:45:35 is a default naming convention that Kazam uses, so just change this to whatever filename you got.