Nifty Notepad++ features

Notepad++ has several kewl features  and I thought I’d list some of them here:


Autoclose HTML-tags

If you are working in HTML or XML files you can get Notepad++ to close your HTML-tags for your. Simply go to TextFX => TextFX Settings => +Autoclose XHTML/XML <Tag>.


Encode HTML

If you need to add HTML-code to a HTML-page you have the problem that the code is interpreted as, well, HTML. This means you need to convert the tags and Notepad++ will do this for you. Select the section you want to encode in Notepad++ and go to TextFX => TextFX Convert => Encode HTML (&<>!).


Run your file

Use the run menu to launch your file in a web browser. Use the Modify option at the bottom of the list to change the short cuts.


Line up your CSS files

This one is quite nifty and it makes your CSS beautiful. Select a colon (:) in your CSS file, then highlight all the text and go to TextFX => TextFX Edit => Line up Multiple Lines by (Clipboard Character):



Use auto complete

Go to Settings => Preferences => Backup/Auto-completion and check the “Enable auto-completion on each input”-box.


 Use the Plugin-manager to install plugins

Some people think it’s to complex to install plugins in notepad++. “You have to download the DLL files and dump them in the correct folder etc”. Bah! Use the plugin-manager, it’s what it is there for! Go to Plugins => Plugin Manager => Show Plugin Manager and simply select the plugins you want to install. Afterwards, restart notepad++ and you’ll find your new plugins in the Plugin menu.


Column select

By holding down ALT while selecting text you can select text by column instead of row:


Remove row

If you press CTRL + L you will remove the row where your cursor currently resides.