Remove specific site from history in FireFox

Sometimes when you want to test something out in a web application you notice how certain aspects of your app or page is cached even though you don’t want to. This could be an unexpected browser feature or a parent site behavior. As I was making a facebook application I noticed that when facebook loaded my application it seemed to cache a whole lot more than I wanted it too which caused problems when I made small CSS or javascript changes. I had to go to “Tools => Remove all history” all the time to force empty the cache. This however ruined it for all my history that I didn’t want removed.

It turned out that in FireFox you can actually selectively remove history. To remove the history for a specific site in FireFox, go to History => Show All History, press Today and you’ll see something like this :

To remove all history for facebook, just right-click on the entry and select Forget about this site:

That’s it, you’re done!