Adding comments to custom controls in the win form designer

As I was making a custom win form control I saw that my standard XML-comments wasn’t showing for my events in the win form designer. As I don’t use win forms that much I was a bit baffled, but thought that it ought to be possible to display standard help information just as the normal native controls do on their events.
And it was, but googling the issue was hard.

You have to use attributes to attach the information to your control or event in order for the Visual Studio designer to care. The attributes allows you to add a comment, a category and more to better display your component in the designer, here’s an example of an event with a comment that displays in the designer:

[Description("Occurs whenever a user changes date")]
public event MonthPickerChangeHandler Change;

This will display in the designer like this:

The comment is displayed in the designer
The comment is displayed in the designer

A list of the various attributes to use can be found here: