SharpDevelop: Adding a component to the designer

As I’m using SharpDevelop for some of my C# development I thought I’d just mention how you add a component to the designer toolbox if you ever need to. It’s not completely clear from the start (and it isn’t really in Visual Studio either) and there is little documentation to find (if you have it, please add it in a comment!).

I needed to add the ObjectListViewer to one of my objects and I wanted it in the toolbox so here is what I did:

1. Right-click in the Tools window:


2. Select Configure Sidebar

3.  Add a new category by pressing “New” at the bottom left in the Configure Sidebar window

4. Select the new category and press “Add Components”

5. Select the DLL either from the GAC or by browsing for it in the Add Component window

6. Select the components from the DLL that you want added

7. Press OK 😛