Remove specific site from history in FireFox

Sometimes when you want to test something out in a web application you notice how certain aspects of your app or page is cached even though you don’t want to. This could be an unexpected browser feature or a parent site behavior. As I was making a facebook application I noticed that when facebook loaded my application it seemed to cache a whole lot more than I wanted it too which caused problems when I made small CSS or javascript changes. I had to go to “Tools => Remove all history” all the time to force empty the cache. This however ruined it for all my history that I didn’t want removed.

It turned out that in FireFox you can actually selectively remove history. To remove the history for a specific site in FireFox, go to History => Show All History, press Today and you’ll see something like this :

To remove all history for facebook, just right-click on the entry and select Forget about this site:

That’s it, you’re done!

MRU tabs in FireFox

One thing that’s been bugging me with FireFox for a long time is the lack of MRU tabs (Most Recently Used). Instead of jumping back and forth between the tabs you use it simply sends you to the next tab whenever you press ctrl+Tab or ctrl+shift+tab.

Well, there was a very simple to solution available to solve this problem. It turns out MRU tab behavior is built in from the start. To get it working enter “about:config” in the address bar, accept the warning of certain doom and search for “ctrltab” and change the browser.ctrlTab.previews from false to true. Tadaa, now it works! If you hold in ctrl+tab you’ll see a window with all your tabs but if you just press it normally it’ll switch without the preview.