PHPStorm: Upload to FTP on save

I’ve recently been trying out JetBrains PHPStorm web development tool on trial and so far I’ve been impressed. I am most likely going to purchase it for my PHP/JavaScript develoment as the price €94 is reasonable for what you seem to get.
One thing I noticed however was that you had to manually upload your files to your server when working with them. I’m not used to this as my other favorite tool for PHP development, Notepad++, has a plugin, NppFTP, which handles this automatically on save. Is this possible in PHPStorm?
Yes it is! But you have to set it yourself in your settings and the setting not completely intuitively placed. Go to File => Settings and follow the instructions in the picture below:

Change the 'Upload changed files automatically to the default server' to 'On explicit save action'
Change the ‘Upload changed files automatically to the default server’ to ‘On explicit save action’

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