Eclipse: Adding FTP support

As I’m trying to use Eclipse for my PHP development instead of Notepad++ I’m going to have to get some kind of FTP plugin to Eclipse. The Notepadd++ plugin NppFTP is really just a perfect FTP plugin for the application and what I want for Eclipse is basically the same kind of support.
Well, there are two options; the first option is to install the Aptana Plugin (which according to a lot of people ruins your Eclipse installation and is impossible to uninstall) or install the Remote System Explorer End-User Runtime plugin (which is lightweight and does exactly what you want without bloating your install). We’re gonna go with the latter one.

To install the plugin, do the following:

  • Go to Help => Install New Software
  • Select your current Eclipse version´s release site (Helios for me)
  • In the filter textbox enter “remote”
  • Select the Remote System Explorer End-User Runtime

  • Click next and run the install (and restart Eclipse)
  • Go to Window => Open Perspective => Other => Remote System Explorer
  • Right-click in the perspective and select New => Connection

  • Click Next and fill in your FTP information
  • You’ll see your FTP in the Remote System Perspective and if you open up the nodes to your root you’ll be prompted for a FTP login
  • Done!



If you are using Java 7 then you will probably see errors such as this:

Operation failed. File system input or output error
Message reported from file system: Operation failed due to network I/O error ‘ Read timed out’

This seems to be a Java7 specific error and I keep getting it on one of my computer. The solution is as far as I can tell to downgrade to Java 6 which sucks…

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