The Panic Grid

The Panic Grid is a puzzle game where you remove tiles of the same color while a countdown timer ticks. Every time the countdown ticks some tiles change their color. The more ticks that passes by, the shorter the interval between the ticks.

One of the pre-designed grids containing tiles of several colors to be removed

The idea is that it starts out simple enough, but each time the countdown ticks some of the tiles changes color which makes it harder for each tick. It can, however, also be helpful in that a tile in a single color cannot be removed until it has a neighboring tile of the same color. On some grids, or in the random game, you might just have to wait for the right tile to show up.

The game is developed in HTML 5 and is therefore, sadly, not available for Windows Phone. 🙁

The game is available for Windows 8 in the Windows Store on the following address:



The soundtrack is available on the following Spotify link:

Morkalork – The Panic Grid: OST



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