Kludd is my latest release and it has received good reviews on the net!
The game is basically an arcade Role Puzzle Game designed to be easy to just play for a couple of minutes whenever you have some time over. I’ve developed it using HTML5 hybrid technology (using the Intel XDK platform) and apart from being fun to develop I wanted to see if I could actually create a playable game using HTML5 instead of Java for android.







The game is a very basic ‘remove-the-tiles’ kind of game where you can tap clusters of tiles larger than 2. The bigger the clusters, the more XP you gain. After a finished game your XP decides whether or not you’ve made it to the highscore, arcade style. The XP you have stacks between games and you’ll level up every once in a while and gain new and better traits to improve your skills.

You gain powers when you level up in game The basic game playtraits2

If you want to read more about the game I welcome you to visit the official page on morkalork.com:


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